The game ‘Dodgeball’

Dodgeball is such an epic game! All you need to do is play one game & then your’e hooked! My Friends & I played a Dodgeball game at Jump4Joy Durban North on Saturday 11th Feb & it was totally awesome! Its super fast, super strategic in your game thinking & one game is done in only 3 minutes!!! But let me just tell you – WOW an AWESOME WORKOUT, LOADS OF ADRENALINE & so much FUN!!!

This really is a game for Men & Women, definatley not just for Men, thats for sure! Well thats what i believe after playing the game, i think us Women can give men a run for their money when it comes to this game..haha..Whats your thoughts Guys & Girls? If we had to have a game – Girls vs Boys which team do you think would win??