Trampolining is way better than the GYM!!!

Trampolining is way better than the normal ‘day in & day out’ boring routines. Don’t get me wrong, going to gym, is one of the best things you can do to look after your body & your health, But nothing beats exercising on Trampolines! Its so much Fun! You get to jump up & down do tricks & burn up to 1000 calories in under an hour! Now that’s AMAZING!

It also provides low impact on all your muscles & joints which makes for much safer exercise. Its brilliant for your Lymphatic system, Cardiovascular System, Creates stronger more durable body cells, it increases your muscular strength, development, coordination, balance & flexibility.

It totally reduces your stress levels down by half, increases mental health and I have said this before, but it really does take you from a place of depression to a place of pure Joy, no lies!!!

So i have to say exercising inside a trampoline park is on a whole, way better than the gym environment. If you don’t believe me, it may be because you haven’t visited our park? So I think its time people, head down to Jump4Joy Indoor Trampoline Park – Durban North, it will not be disappointing! In fact you will leave the park feeling full of Joy & satisfied having had an awesome workout on top of everything!!!