Fitness at Jump4Joy Durban North

Fitness classes at Jump4Joy Durban North has been an absolute Hit! Everyone that has come on board & taken part in our Fitness classes are all saying how much they love the classes they have participated in & are encouraging more & more people to join, which is totally Awesome!

I think some people may have been holding back because when they see the word ‘Fitness’ they shy away (depending on the person) but what these people do not realize yet, is that its actually so much fun! Its not at all intimidating. Its a group of people all from different walks of life who need to get together to get fit & lose those unwanted cm’s around the belly..& currently, there are plenty of us, including myself who is in the exact same ‘Boat’.

All we need is a bit of encouragement & some good motivation to keep us going in the right direction to reach our Fitness/Health Goals.

Devon Sillwood – our Fitness Trainer, is a brilliant motivator & an excellent Trainer who will help you reach your goals! I have attended one of his classes, & let me just tell you..Wow! I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun! I felt so energized after the session & i was a much happier person too. Having had a stressful week at work, just attending this one session really brightened up my whole week & got me smiling again & i was able to rest so much better than previous weeks.

Trampoline Fitness really is ‘Tops!’ If i were you, i wouldn’t miss out on this!

Get yourself down to our Durban North Park & take part in our Fitness Classes, you will not regret it, it’s Totally Awesome, so much Fun & expect great results on the horizon!

Email: & book your fitness sessions now!
If you would like to personally chat to our Fitness Trainer Devon you may contact him on 072 472 2235.