What ‘makes’ a birthday party a success?

How many parties have you organised for your kids birthday parties & how many of them have been a success? Well i guess it all depends on what you see as ‘Successful’. Some see ‘successful’ – if everyone on the invitation list all show up on the day , Some see ‘successful’ – if the food was good & they received good service, some see ‘successful’ – if all the party decor, birthday cake etc was all set up & worked out just the way you wanted it to, or some see ‘successful’ – if every child that was at the party was full of smiles & simply having a whole lot fun, & having fun together regardless if the birthday cake was a ‘flop’, the decor just didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, not everyone showed up & maybe the food wasn’t such a ‘hit’

Sometimes you just have to look at the the ‘Glass Half Full’ rather than the ‘Glass half Empty’ – this way you will really enjoy any birthday party. I mean..let’s be honest…Parties are just never 100% perfect & normally don’t go according to plan no matter how far back you plan it! Like… Never!
At the end of the day what really counts is if your child had fun on their special day.

Here are some Facebook reviews from our Facebook page from some birthday parties at Jump4Joy last year…

August 12, 2017 ·
Today I had the pleasure of having my daughters 13th birthday party at Jump4Joy! The kids loved every moment! Thank you for making my “baby’s” parting so much fun!

October 8, 2017 ·
‘Absolutely amazing service from an awesome team. My daughter’s birthday party was incredible. Thank you all for your amazing service.’

…So i don’t mean to boast…but hey how awesome are these reviews.. Jump4Joy Durban North really did cover all basis here..hint..hint nudge nudge…it really is a great place to book your child’s birthday party! Its wrapped up in a whole lot of fun!

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