Live longer with quick fitness sessions daily

A quick fitness session – daily, is better than no fitness at all. Your body has been designed to undertake Regular exercise as this lowers blood pressure, helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces cholesterol—all major factors in the prevention of heart disease. Arthritis. Cancer & Diabetes.

Without exercise, life can become stressful & simply miserable! All you need to do is take about 10 – 15 mins of your day to do some form of exercise – let it be the first few mins when you wake up or even better – round your lunch break!

At Jump4Joy  we would like to take your health into would you like to take 20 mins in your day, at Lunch Time (12:30pm) during the week, to do a quick fun cardio jump session in our Durban North Park??

This has become a new demand & considering the facts, I honestly believe you will benefit from this without any doubts – Let’s be honest, we are all so busy working, living our lives sitting behind a computer & life is so rushed & fast pace, that you end up forgetting how important it actually is to do a little exercise every day!

So now is your chance – NOT TO BECOME A STATISTIC!

Jump on board with us now! BOOK NOW! Email: or Call us on 0861 586 745 . We look forward to seeing you jumping in our park & becoming a healthier, stronger YOU!

by Kandi Sillwood