School Holidays in Durbs

It’s school holidays again In Durban South Africa & how awesome is this weather? Just perfect, right?! Loving it! Kids are SUPER  amped to have FUN & parents are finally having their break from ‘Routine, Routine, Routine!‘  There isn’t that worry about packing your kids bags the night before, making sure their water & juice bottles are clean & filled for the next day, preparing packed lunches, getting uniforms ready for the next day & never mind yourself – right Mom’s ? At least we as parents can have that little break from all of that!

..But then of course it doesn’t end there happy to have a little more time with the kids but then you still have to make plans of what your kiddies are going to do these whole holidays? What is going to keep them entertained till the 10th April? What can they do each day? Who can you leave your kiddies with one of the days just so you can have a break to yourself at least one of the days- This is of course after like… day 2/3 of school holidays & your heart cries out for a break! PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!…haha.. I quote:  ‘for parents with older kids it’s not that bad i suppose, but mom’s with little kiddies its not that easy, believe me.. they get all over you – you can’t even go to the bathroom – they will find you! haha!’ shame.. at least you know as ‘mom’ – you are missed.

One of the best days to have during the school holidays (once you have had your ‘fill’ with spending quality time with kids) is for your kids to be able to be entertained while you are able to sit & relax..aaahhh.. so good!!!

I don’t mean to brag, but Jump4Joy Indoor Trampoline Park is perfect for these ‘aaahhhh good’ days.. Your kids jump & jump & jump till their heart’s content, we have fantastic marshals who ensure your child’s safety & do such a great job at keeping your kids well entertained (Open jump arena, Basketball Arena, Dodgeball Arena & Foam pit flips & tricks). You can purchase yummy cheese sandwiches, Cold & Refreshing Slushies, Fridges filled with Bottles of cold refreshing Mineral Water ,a variety of beverages & ice-creams & a variety of sweets & snacks – Your child will be satisfied to the full, no doubt about that!

The best part of all of this for Moms & Dad’s, specifically, is the fact that you can actually sit down, drink a hot cup of coffee -note i said hot (Mom’s & Dad’s, you know what I am talking about here …haha), catch up on all your social media & simply relax for a full hour or two, AMAZING RIGHT?!

Come to Jump4Joy Durban North these Holidays, you will not regret it at all ! BOOK NOW here on our website ( or call us on 0861 586 745 / Email: – we look forward to seeing you all soon!!!

By: Kandi  Sillwood