General FAQ

What activities are included in a Standard Jump Session?

All the activities apart from Soft Play. This area is only for children under 5 years old.

Am I allowed to enter the trampoline area to watch my child?
Yes you can enter the trampolining area and are free to use the carpeted walkways to watch your children enjoy the park.
How long does a Standard Jump session last?
A Standard Jump session last for 1 hour.
What times are you open?
Please visit the Pricing page for your branch to view the opening times.
What is the minimum age for a Standard Jump Session?
The minimum age is 4 years old but children aged 4 to 5 must be accompanied in the trampoline area by a paying participating Parent at all times.
Are there any dedicated Jump Session for young children?
Yes there are dedicated Parent & Toddler trampoline sessions during school term time for the under 5’s. We are able to offer sections of the park specifically for use only by under 5’s to provide the safest experience for your family.
Can I jump if I’m pregnant?
No, Base Jump advice is that any one pregnant should not partake in any activities for the safety of you and the unborn Baby and others using the facility.
Can I come and just watch?
Yes, there will be no charge for spectators at Jump4Joy. All that we ask is that any parents/guardians or others that are not partaking in the activities please make yourself comfortable in our in Café Jump which has a large viewing area.
Is food available?
Yes via our Café Jump located on the first floor.
Are there any weight or height limits?
There is a weight limit of 130kg; there is no height limit in place.
Can I wear glasses?
Yes, glasses if worn are ok to be kept on for taking part in the activities, Base Jump will not be held accountable for damage to glasses whilst partaking in the activities supplied.
Do you have lockers?
We do we have lockers available at no charge; these will be situated on the main floor area.
What happens if I’m late?
If we are busy then you will only be able join what remain of your time booked. During quieter periods we will endeavour to slot you in as close to your preferred time as possible. In order to ensure you get to enjoy the full duration of your jump session make sure you arrive at LEAST 30 minutes before your scheduled jump time.
Waiver – Does everyone jumping need to have one?
Yes, however we will have in place group waivers also meaning one person can sign for a group/Family to be connected to the Signed waiver, and these will be valid once signed for 12 Months thereafter.
What should I wear?
For the dedicated hour session that you book, it is advised that you partake in the session wearing comfortable breathable clothing subject to season, no sharp objects are to be worn and you must possess and wear a pair of the Base Jump grip socks.
I have a Medical Condition; can I jump at Jump4Joy?
If you have any sort of medical condition that you believe may affect your ability to safely jump on a trampoline you must consult a qualified medical practitioner before you come to Base Jump.
Why do I need to wear Jump4Joy grip socks?
The use of Jump4Joyp grip socks is mandatory due to the trampoline surfaces being of a non-grip design and texture, standard socks, trainer socks and nylon will not grip and could cause injury to the user, so Jump4Joy socks must be worn for the safety of the users.
How long before my jump time starts do I need to arrive?
Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your session starts. This allows you time to book in, collect you Jump4Joy socks and watch the safety briefing. Your hand will then be stamped to signify that you have been cleared to proceed onto the courts.
Do I need to book in advance?
There will be an online booking system in place. It is recommended that you do book in advance as to avoid disappointment, especially at weekends and during school holidays.